Helping those in need

Ronald Tipan is a skilled communication professional with a strong experience in EU and international affairs. He started volunteering at Serve the City in 2019 while finishing his master’s degree at KU Leuven. He has great interest in volunteering and helping others in need. In the last 10 years, Ronald has volunteered all over the world where he gained expansive working experience and newfound skills while immersing himself in the local culture. He has volunteered at several NGOs as an English teacher in Peru, a communication officer in Nepal, and project manager the Dominican Republic. Besides volunteering, Ronald has went dived in Malaysia, snowboarded in Switzerland, played baseball in Belgium, and hiked Mt. Everest base camp in Nepal. He is adventurous and likes the outdoors. Just ask him about his several outdoor excursions and travel stories! When he is not working , you will see him hike in the nearby forest or explore his neighborhood on a bike.

– Ronald, Project Leader, Serve the City 

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