Shreya’s Story

My journey with STC Leuven began amidst the excitement of the World Road Championship held in Leuven in September 2021. As Leuven buzzed with the energy of thousands of spectators supporting their countries’ teams, I found myself grateful for the opportunity from STC Leuven to volunteer for this monumental event. Our task was to maintain the cleanliness of the fan zones and ensure the swift restoration of city roads to normalcy after the race. Amid the hustle, I formed long-lasting bonds with fellow volunteers and team members, and STC family has become a regular part of my life in Leuven.

Since that memorable experience I’ve been actively involved in a multitude of initiatives organized by STC Leuven. Whether it is lending a hand to seniors in assisted-living, sorting donations for the less fortunate, serving food to raise funds, renovating homes, promoting sustainability with cloth swaps or simply engaging in a spontaneous clean-up of the city, there is always a project that resonates with me.

What sets STC Leuven apart is their unwavering commitment to making volunteering accessible and enjoyable. The team’s warm and hands-on approach makes every volunteer feel valued and welcomed. Engaging in these diverse projects with STC Leuven has become my sanctuary from the monotony of daily life, rejuvenating my spirit and energizing me as I contribute to making the world a better place to live, and I hope to continue for as long as I can.

Minder is Meer (Feb 2024)

‘t Lampeke (May 2022)

UCI Championship (Sep 2021)

Huis van het Kind (Dec 2023)

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