Collaboration with Bin Your Butts

On October 9th, 2022 we partnered with Bin Your Butts to pick up cigarette butts in Leuven.

Bin Your Butts Leuven is a local solution-oriented initiative working to protect the environment against cigarette butt pollution, contributing toward the European Green Deal & Leuven 2030 goals. By creating a joint action with Serve the City Leuven over 4600 cigarette butts were collected with the help of 17 volunteers, during only one morning. This clean-up day has attracted media attention and raised awareness about the fact that Cigarette butts, the most littered item on earth.

“We highly recommend collaborating with Serve the City Leuven. Furthermore, companies and individuals are welcome to financially support them and keep this excellent project running in Leuven”.

– Marilia Breite, Founder, Bin Your Butts Leuven


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