Internship Experience 2022

My name is Muhammad Furqan and I am from Pakistan. I did my internship with Serve the City Leuven in 2022. My internship experience surpassed my expectations. It has been one of the most fascinating and memorable experiences [...]

Enriching Opportunity

After getting settled in Leuven, I wanted to get to know my host city and its community in more depth, while helping others and having fun. Volunteering with STC seemed to be the perfect match! During my first project, I [...]

Internship Experience 2021

My name is Xiaozheng Song from China. I was an intern in Serve the City Leuven in the summer of 2021. This was not my first time volunteering, as I volunteered a lot in my home country, China. I like the feeling of being [...]

Helping those in need

Ronald Tipan is a skilled communication professional with a strong experience in EU and international affairs. He started volunteering at Serve the City in 2019 while finishing his master’s degree at KU Leuven. He has [...]

STC Experience

When moving to a new area one of the first things one does is explore the community and try to meet new people.  This is especially challenging when you are in a new country and culture.  I love meeting new people and [...]

The Privilege of Serving

The first volunteering experience that I vividly remember with Serve The City happened in 2015 when the refugee crisis in Belgium reached one of its most critical stages. A small group of volunteers went from Leuven to [...]

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Inspiring Volunteer Work

My name is Maria and I moved from Cyprus to Leuven, Belgium a few years ago to start my PhD.  After settling in, I remember searching online for local volunteering opportunities, as this was something I’d enjoyed doing [...]

Thank you from Seniorama

As a local community center, we from Seniorama wanted to thank Serve the City volunteers for their commitment during our activities. We organized a brunch and called in Serve the City to support us for this event. It was a [...]

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What I learned from volunteering

“After moving to Leuven in 2016 from the United States, I knew I wanted to join an organization where I would be able to help people in need, make new friends, and learn about the local community. Serve the City Leuven [...]

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My Serve the City Story

I found Serve the City when I was in Leuven for one month. I wanted to volunteer, but I didn’t speak a lot of Dutch. At the time, Serve the City Leuven was just making a new start after taking a break. I found their [...]

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