Internship Experience 2022

My name is Muhammad Furqan and I am from Pakistan. I did my internship with Serve the City Leuven in 2022. My internship experience surpassed my expectations. It has been one of the most fascinating and memorable experiences for me.

Being a marketing student in Belgium with an interest in non-profit organizations made Serve the City Leuven an exciting place for me to deep dive into the concepts of how non-profit organizations function.

I also volunteered for multiple projects with STC Leuven, which has been a heart warming and fulfilling experience. Along with learning, I spent my time giving back to society and meeting new people with exciting backgrounds and stories.

I want to express my sincere gratitude to the STC Leuven team, especially Gabrielle Dutton, who guided me throughout my journey and has put tremendous effort into making my time at STC Leuven memorable.

– Furqan, Intern, Serve the City 

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