Bringing a fresh vibe @Seniorama

After ten years we thought it would be a good idea to repaint the walls of our local service center, Seniorama in Leuven. Firstly, we discussed some practicalities in a small work group and it was around this time that we made our acquaintance with Serve the City Leuven, a local organisation comprised of volunteers that is committed to help the most vulnerable people including those Senior citizens here at Seniorama.

During our first meeting with STC Leuven the redecoration of the center was discussed and a project was confirmed. During the week commencing on 25th of June we welcomed, every morning and afternoon, several enthusiastic volunteers from Serve the City Leuven but also, later, volunteers from Serve the City Brussels. The group of volunteers was coordinated by their own project leader, who divided the tasks between them. For Seniorama it was a very nice experience to meet this group of young volunteers. Their tireless effort and hard work resulted in pleasant and fresh classrooms and new green feature wall for our meeting area

From 22nd to 24th of August the group came back to paint two more classrooms so that Seniorama can start the new school year with beautiful colors. Students, visitors and volunteers will be able to enjoy the cheerful tones.

We want to thank each and every person of Serve the City who participated in this project for this great collaboration and we look forward to other possibilities in future.

– Bianca Pisera, Centre leader, Seniorama

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