My Serve the City Story

I found Serve the City when I was in Leuven for one month. I wanted to volunteer, but I didn’t speak a lot of Dutch. At the time, Serve the City Leuven was just making a new start after taking a break. I found their website, contacted them and they accepted me as intern. In the next coming weeks, I could see the team and Serve the City Leuven grow. It was great to feel that I was able to make a small impact. I helped with project preparations and wrote a “Serve the City Survival Guide”.

After leaving the city, it still makes me happy to see them getting more and more projects and volunteers . Whenever I come back to Leuven, I know that the team meeting and projects are still open for me to join.

For me, joining Serve the City was an opportunity to meet great people, to do something good and to give something back to the city.


– Alexa, Volunteer from Germany

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