“Many people doing small things together, can make a big difference.”

This is what the Global Volunteer Day is about.

On the 5th of May, Serve the City Leuven will, simultaneously with different Serve the Cities all over the world, join forces for a special serving day. From Nepal to the US people will spread kindness and show love. Isn’t that exciting?! And you know what? You can be part of this! “But wait a minute, what are you going to do?” is your next question.

Well, we have two exciting projects in line for you. First one is together with ‘Den Tube’ a youth organisation.That very same day they are celebrating their 30-year anniversary with a very active program for which they need a hand. All we’re saying is water, boats, music and lots of fun!! You can check out the details for the event on the DenTube website http://dentube.lampeke.be/30-jaar-den-tube

Our second project is Street Kindness. We will surprise the people in Leuven with
heartwarming cards and messages, just to let them know they’re special, whoever they are or where ever they come from.

Don’t wait another minute, join us! Register today!!


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